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Devotional Meetings

222 Foote Street,
Templestowe, 3106, Australia
Contact Phone: 
0431 541 347

Australian Baha’is help to build a vibrant community life in our neighbourhoods by holding regular devotional meetings.

Baha’is and our neighbours gather in hundreds of places across the country to attend small prayer sessions in diverse settings such as homes, local community centres and other public venues.

The aim is to come together in praying, meditating, and reading spiritual writings in a creative and uplifting way. There is no set form for such gatherings.

These devotional meetings are open to all, and are intended to awaken spiritual susceptibilities. They help to strengthen the devotional character of the community by embracing the attitude of prayer and reverence that is universal to all religions.
You are welcome to simply sit, meditate and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere, or take a more active role. Music is often a component of these gatherings.
Contact us to find out about Baha'i devotional meetings in your area.
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